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Bright Living Room

Specializing in Decluttering, Downsizing,

and Pre & Post Move Services

Some people know exactly what needs to be done, and some people just know "something needs to be done" and I will make you successful either way.

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Whether you want a "Pintrest worthy" pantry, live more comfortably in our home or regain useable living space; it all starts with decluttering. I will help you identify items that you no longer need, use or love and help you let go of them.  My system will help make your spaces more efficient, usable and attractive, so you can live Better in them.

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Pre & Post Move Services

Whether you are preparing your home for sale or getting ready to unpack into a new one, there are many things you can do to make your transition smoother.  Before your house hits the market, I can guide you through a "pre-move purge and pack" to help get rid of unnecessary/unwanted items and pack up your personal treasures so potential buyers will easily fall in love with your home and envision themselves moving in. After your move, I can help you simultaneously unpack, organize and identify items that should no longer take up space in your beautiful new home.

Senior Living


People downsize for many different reasons. You might be preparing for a move to a smaller place to live in after retirement, moving a parent into assisted living, splitting up a marital home, or dividing a loved ones possessions.  Each scenario takes a well thought out plan and careful execution to make it go  smoothly for all involved. 


Before and After

Here are some before and after pictures from over the years, and I am proud of the work that each and every one of my clients have done. Their reasons and goals are all different, but the one thing they have in common is; they got started.  Click on the picture to expand your view.

Guest Bedroom
Guest Bedroom

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All ready to have overnight guests!
All ready to have overnight guests!

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Kitchen After
Kitchen After

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Guest Bedroom
Guest Bedroom

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Helping you live Better

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The word "Better" was carefully  chosen  for my business name because no matter your starting point on your project, I want to help you make your home a Better place to live.


 I've always been passionate about helping people throughout my life, from 11 years as a Girl Scout Leader for my three daughters, to over a decade of running a holiday program for veterans.  When you hire me for your decluttering and organizing needs, you not only get my hands to help you, but also my heart.  

 I have helped clients declutter spare bedrooms to turn into home offices, regain usable living space throughout entire levels of homes, and all size projects in between.  I've also worked in crawl spaces, storage rooms and garages, so whatever and wherever you need to declutter and organize, I am ready to help! 

Decluttering and organizing help your home both look and function better, but there are some other benefits that you might not think of like: more time with family, less stress and anxiety, a sense of accomplishment, and an overall happier outlook. 


You are the reason I started my business.   You will be treated in a kind and  understanding way with the up most level of respect.  You will feel like a load has been lifted off your shoulders.  You will live Better and feel Better in your home.

Hopefully by now, you can see that I am passionate about what I do.  This isn't just a business for me, it's a quest to help people and their relationship with their possessions; no matter their motivation or size of their project.  Take care!

Field of Flowers


I am so thankful that my clients allow me into their homes and trust me with their personal possessions.  These are some of their stories, kind words, and recommendations they wanted to share with you.


Beth helped us prepare our house to put on the market. I was a little overwhelmed with getting the house ready and gearing up for a cross-country move. Beth is efficient, energetic and professional. She doesn't mind doing the dirty work and I really appreciated her help. She even helped move heavy boxes to the basement to help take some of the load off my back! Above all else she cares about her clients. She has a heart for helping people who really struggle with organization. I can recommend Beth without hesitation.