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What can you find while decluttering?

Most people think about getting rid of stuff when they declutter, but you can also find some unexpected things too.

Over the years of helping clients declutter their homes, I have heard many times "Oh that's where that is. I was looking for that!" Finding something you were looking for can make you feel like you found buried treasure. I've had clients find expensive jewelry, important documents and even a forgotten 7 thousand dollar check! The check was mixed in with a pile of old papers, several years old and stale dated, but one call to the company that sent it and they reissued it without skipping a beat. I'd say $7000 is a nice reward for decluttering your home!

Finding long lost treasures, or better yet, a large sum of money is awesome, but what about finding things that you can't actually touch? After you declutter your home, you'll find several benefits that might be even more valuable that thousands of dollars.

You'll find a better physical state. Excessive clutter can cause tripping hazards by having too much clutter on the floor, breathing hazards by dust and mold floating in the air and weight gain by not being able to cook in your kitchen where you only can eat take out or processed microwave meals. The frustration and anger associated with living in a cluttered home can cause ulcers and even heart attacks

You'll find a better mental health state. Living in an excessively cluttered home can cause: anxiety, depression, indecision, overwhelm, embarrassment, suspicion, fear, guilt and shame. If you are experiencing any of these, please reach out to a trusted friend or health care professional.

You'll find a better social/family life. Oftentimes a person who has excessive clutter will isolate themselves at home and not allow others in for visits. Family members will appreciate your efforts to declutter and damaged relationships can start to heal. After your home is decluttered, you and your family might ask friends over again or even throw a dinner party. How fun would that be???

You'll find a better financial life. When you have too much clutter, you've probably spent lots of money on items that you'll never use or when you do want to use them, you can't find them so you have to buy another "one" which results in paying twice as much for the original same item. Having less clutter AND knowing where everything "lives" in your house will help stop duplicate or unnecessary spending and maybe you can start enjoying experiences instead of just plain old stuff.

Although, finding long lost treasures is awesome; finding more overall peace for yourself is priceless.

If you feel overwhelmed at starting to declutter, call a friend, or organizing professional to help you get started and you'll be on the path to greater physical, emotional, social and financial health.

Good luck!!!!

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