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Something to keep in mind when donating holiday decor

Anytime you donate your unwanted holiday decor is a good time. But, is there a better time to donate your holiday decor? Yep you bet there is!

We celebrate holidays all throughout the year and it can be fun to decorate our homes with cute holiday decor and the stores know it. They stock seasonal items way in advance of the holiday in hope that you buy something cute early on and then again as the holiday gets closer. It's no surprise that at some point we collect more holiday decor that we can use each year. So can you do with those leftover, unused items? Donate!

The best time to sort through your holiday decor and gather things to donate is before the holiday happens. Once you have decorated your home for the holiday, look at what is left over in the box. Things that have not made the cut for several years are good candidates of taking a trip to the donation center. Even though you might have used these items in the past, you might be decorating with a different style now: think red farm truck vs gnome. You get it, sometimes we just get tired of certain looks. Set aside the items that you no longer will use, box them up and take them to the donation center right away.

There are several reasons for dropping off that donation as early as possible. First, the donation center will be able to sell it faster than if it is donated off season. Christmas in July is a marketing term, but not many people want to buy a Christmas wreath during the summer. I've seen some donation centers that don't accept Christmas decor in the summer because they know it wont sell or they have to store it somewhere until the holiday gets closer. Second, the person who buys your decor will be able to use and enjoy it right away of something that they might otherwise afford. Third, you'll free up some space in the box for anything new/a gift that enters your home during the holiday. *Disclaimer* I am not promoting unnecessary shopping. Beware of holiday clearance, it may be a screaming deal at the time, but it just might be the next thing that stays in the box year after year that you'll donate later. (Remember: When something is 90% off, thousand of eyes have looked at it and have decided not to buy it...maybe you should pass it by too.)

So, donating your overstock of holiday decor through out the year is good. Doing it at a time when the donation centers can sell it faster and when people will buy it and immediately enjoy it is ever better!

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