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Making changes in your life

Routines are comfortable. Routines are safe. Why in the world would we want to change that?  Well, growth and a sense of personal accomplishment come through change.  Deciding to make a change AND actually making that change happen when you could simply keep doing what your doing takes strength, determination and a well thought out plan.

If changes that you want to make are not already obvious to you, pay attention to your reoccurring thoughts when your mind is at rest, I seem to have great ideas, clear thoughts and solve all sorts of problems right as I am waking up.  I try to write them down right away or they tend to fade away even before my first cup of coffee.  So, whenever and wherever you get that great idea/thought, write it down so it won't slip away.  

Do you have big ideas like starting a business, getting into better shape, learning a foreign language, or planting a garden?  How about smaller personal changes like keeping the kitchen counter clean, getting to work on time, or even making your bed everyday (which I am a huge proponent of).  Interestingly enough, both "large" and "small" changes can be equally as challenging to make because we all have our own unique set of gifts and mental roadblocks. The good news is, whatever your self-conscious has been telling you, you can achieve.  You just need to have faith in yourself and a plan. Yes, I've said "plan" twice, so it must be twice as important as anything else.

Once you decided to make a change, start making your plan of attack.  Spend some time thinking about what your ultimate goal is, and write it down using positive words and phrases.  Think about what steps have to happen to reach your goal and break them down into small, detailed and manageable pieces and write them down too.  Put a start date on your calendar and actually start because the quicker you act on your idea, the more likely you will be successful.  Share your goal and plan with a friend or loved for encouragement and to help you be more accountable to your ultimate goal.  Keep the end in mind even if you might momentarily veer off course. No matter what your "change" is, the hardest part is getting started and having a detailed road map on how to get there will make a world of difference.  

As you contemplate what change you'd like to make, I wish you the strength and determination to make it happen. You can do it!

Post Script:  I have changed the words in this post, the title of this post and the flow of this post over and over, because I want it to be the best article that I could write.  Notice that I didn't say perfect.  Perfect is impossible to achieve, so shoot for great or awesome. So with that, I hit the publish button.  Thanks for reading!

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