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How to really, really, really purge your closet

How to really, really, really, purge your clothes? Just do it! That's it! Easy right????Ah....maybe not....

If you think about it, most of our clothes we bought for ourselves because we liked it for reason. The color, the style, the fit, the price....something made us buy it. But, there comes a time to admit it, that whatever reason you bought that piece of clothing, it just doesn't make sense to keep it any more. Is it no longer a color you like, or has that color gone out of neon? Is the style "out of style" now like shoulder pads or the opposite, shoulder-less tops? Did it fit then and not now, or even worse, was too small to begin with and you hoped to fit into it one day and it's still too small? Was it a "great deal" when you got it for "next to nothing", but you really don't feel comfortable wearing it or it's just not really all that cute? It's all quite common for these things to happen, but why do we have such a hard time parting with clothes?

I think we hold onto clothes for many reasons. Hope that we might lose the weight to fit into it some day. Hope that we will get a new job where we need to dress a certain way, Hope that you will be seen by others as someone that you wish you were. Associating past memories with clothes from a happier or even sadder time. Thinking that we will need them some day. You'll wear it after you iron it, mend it or get it altered, And finally, that you spent good money on it so it would be a shame to just give it away. All these thoughts can keep you from letting go of clothes.

Usually our gut response to letting go of things is, "Yeah, I really don't need this anymore, but......" In order to move past the "but", coming to realize and understand your own stumbling blocks of why you want to keep something you really don't need anymore, like those above, will help you take those items off the hangers and put it in the donation pile. If nothing else, think about the next person in line that would love to wear that piece of clothing you really no longer need, want or love and how happy you would make them in the process.

So, no. Sometimes it's not always easy to "just do it" when purging anything, including clothes. Challenge yourself to think past the "but....." and focus on how much easier it will be to make decisions of what to wear, that your closet won't be crammed and difficult to manage, and that someone else will find usefulness in your clothing if no longer do.

Good luck!

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